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High-profile Type Pree (strapping machine) Starting At: $
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High-profile Type Pree (strapping machine) SK-1

Main Purpose:
. Widely used in various industries, suitable for carton packaging, paper, packaging, letters wrapped bundles, Yuexiang packing, light industry products play packages, hardware and tools package, ceramic products packaging, auto parts packaged, the package of supplies, stationary package, Yuan packaged devices, such as size Aluminum packaged goods packaged Banding.

Technical Parameters:
. Power: 110 V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
. Motor: 250 W
. Most of the tight bundle: 60 Kgs
. PP width: 6 to 15
. Minimum Package Size: 60
. The largest packaging Size:No limit
. Packaging speed: 1.5 seconds / Road
. PP-Paper Core: ? 200
. Dimension machines: L895 W565 H735
. Weight: 90 Kg

Principle Features:
. Packaging speed, and each bundles only 1.5 seconds; instantaneous heating, 5 seconds-heating will work, and into the best state package;
. Do not operate within 60 seconds, automatic shutdown, enter standby, power;
. Improved planning and manufacture, use a wide range of large and small packaging, without adjustment machines can be packaged;
. The aircraft is a mechanical structure, a portion of imports of spare parts, after bladed stable and reliable and convenient adjustment features;
. Sorter mounted on machine, no need for independent height adjustment.
. The Pree table higher, with convenient operation comfortable, suitable for packing lighter items.

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