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Liquid Lock-machine (capper) Starting At: $
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Liquid Lock-machine (capper) KFJ-1035

Main Purpose:
. The machine is mainly applied to various bottles of aluminum blocks, the blocks Yilagai, drugs, health care products, chemicals, cosmetics, etc. vial capping the ideal packaging equipment.

Technical Parameters:
. Power: 220 V 50Hz
. Power: 50W
. Work: Electric
. Seal diameter: f10 ~35 mm
. Cap Height: 5 ~ 20 mm
. Apply bottles high: 30 ~ 180 mm
. Capacity: = 20 T / S
. Weight: 20 kg
. Dimensions: 350 250 650mm

Principle Features:
. KFJ-1035-Liquid Capper is the need for companies to adapt to the market and the development of a sealed packaging equipment, aesthetically pleasing, simple adjustments, capping stable quality, low cost, easy-to-use, low-voltage control, safe and reliable. More suitable for laboratory acquisition, a small volume, the work of the pilot ideal for sealing.

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