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Shrink-6040 Starting At: $
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Main Purpose:
. The contraction of 60 40 Shrink-wrapping machine, used in light industry, food, drinks, candy, stationery, arts and crafts, metal tools, daily, chemical supplies. Electronic-speed transmission, stable and reliable, long service life, low noise.

Technical Parameters:
. Power: 220 V
. Maximum Output: 10.5 kw
. Packing maximum size: 600 400 (W H)
. Load: 10 kg
. Transmission speed:0-10m / min
. Weight: 80 kg
. Suitable for shrink film material: PVC PP POF, etc.

Principle Features:
. The contraction of a shrink-wrapped in a product or package outside, and then heating, packaging materials and Guojin contraction of packaging products to fully demonstrated the appearance of articles, a sealed, moisture-proof, and pollution prevention. And the protection of goods from external shocks.
. The contraction of the superstructure can be opened using temperature control instrument, the product is easy to replace three quartz vulnerability accessories, and so on.

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