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Solid Mexican round Fight Code Machine(printed code machine) Starting At: $
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Solid Mexican round Fight Code Machine(printed code machine) MY-380

Main Purpose:
. MYT-380 aircraft marked with a wide range of uses, especially for food, medicine, cosmetic, metal industries and various flexible packaging cartons, paper, plastic film, foil, and other non-absorbent material indicators marking and fighting yards.

Technical Parameters:
. Power: 220 V 50Hz
. Power: 180 W
. A Code Speed: 300 / points below (the basis of vertical printed on the size)
. India was of Size: length (55-380 mm) (30-165 mm)
. A code position: 60 mm-250mmL unilateral arbitrary adjustment
. A code to: R-type and T-type (maximum 5 trip 8-10 words)
. Font size: 2.0 mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm (specifications for the three optional) T-zinc alloy or R-word
. Dimensions: 460 350 300mm
. Weight: 24 kg

Principle Features:
. MYT-380 aircraft is marked by advanced solid-ink round, with the blink blink India dry erase the difficult outstanding performance. Advanced aircraft design, manufacture precision, a smooth operation, marking vertical position by the electronic control, arbitrary regulation, marking a photoelectric control movements and count the number of marking and setting.

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