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Electric Ink Fight Code Machine(printed code machine) Starting At: $
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Electric Ink Fight Code Machine(printed code machine) DYY-160

Main Purpose:
. Fight Code Machine widely used in the various types of bottles, caps, cans, cups, boxes and other packaging products, the production date, shelf-life, batch number, trademarks, and the simple pattern of the printing.

Technical Parameters:
. Operation: electric stepless speed regulation
. Power: 220 V 50Hz.
. Power: 50 W
. The pace of work :1200-3600 T / hr
. Print size:? 15 70mm
. Printing height:? 380 mm
. Complete machine Net Weight: 20 Kg

Principle Features:
. DYY-160 desktop disc printing machine factory is the latest improvement of the development of new-generation aircraft.
. The aircraft easy to use, simple operation, reliable, in the shape of different materials of various objects bumpy surface printing.
. Printing, maybe logo clear and beautiful.
. The aircraft with the electronic control functions stepless speed regulation may, in accordance with the operator's proficiency, adjusted to the most appropriate printing speed printing operation.
. Apply a wide range of functions, in that they can play for eggs yards, printing, print out the date and trademarks.

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