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Quantitative Large Dose Packaging Machine Starting At: $
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Quantitative Large Dose Packaging Machine LCS-X-DL

Main Purpose:
. Quantitative packaging machine called Pree, filling machines, packing machines, packing machines, applied to food, feed, chemicals, petrochemicals, metallurgy, building materials, and the port of export industries Sinotrans mouth of a quantitative valuation.

Principle Features:
. Feeding a size two, quantitative accuracy, high precision;
. Weighing even a set, storage, modification, and other functions;
. Home is a 0.1 and automatic tracking function;
. Is weighing, and unloading bags folder-chain process control functions;
. With automatic, manual, with the exception of skin function.
. According to production process requirements can be divided into:
. NW quantitative packaging machine: Weighing materials in the bucket that good, and then packed into bags, this improved measurement speed and accuracy.
. GW quantitative packaging machine: carrier bags for weighing, packaging materials directly into bags weighing equipment simple structure, reducing the total height.
. Mobile quantitative packaging machine: Scales of the conveyor and, slit charter flights, air compressor, precipitators, dryers and other equipment can be placed on the mobile carrier may be required at any time to replace workplace.
. Fixed quantitative packaging machine: will be placed in fixed positions scales, and the conveyor, joint charter flights with the use of gas and dust concentration equipment as a fixed value packaging.

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