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Packaging Production Line LCS-X-DL

Main Purpose:
. The aircraft is in assisted on bags, automatic weighing, folder bag filling, the transmission automatically sealed conveyor belt or slit package, to apply to large granular powder packaging materials, such as washing powder, milk powder, sugar, glucose, salt, Solid medicine, Tim folder agent, feed, dye, rice, beans, etc..

Technical Parameters:
. Measurement: Weigh Modle
. Weighing range: 5-25 kg 10-50kg plus large 20-100 kg specifications for the three options, to provide customized services.
. Packaging Speed: = 6 packets / min
. Packaging accuracy: = 0.2%
. Power: 380 V/220V 50-60HZ
. Power: 2.5 KW
. Pressure :6-8 Pa
. The device weighs: 800 kg
. Complete machine size: depending on the length of the conveyor belt

Principle Features:
. Complete machine with stainless steel design, corrosion resistance, durability;
. All Chinese LCD screen, clearly showed that the working conditions, instructions, simple intuitive; (export control panel models can be changed to English)
. A set weighing, storage, modification, and other functions, electronic weighing, high accuracy.

Available upon request matching large-sealing machine, industrial joint charter flights, Stenciling Unit, and other ancillary packaging equipment.

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