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Plastic Hose-end Closure Starting At: $
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Plastic Hose-end Closure FW-86

Main Purpose:
. Hose-end closure applies to Chinese medicine, Japan, the food industry and special plastic hose ideals, the closure of the end of machinery.

Technical Parameters:
. Power: 220 V 50HZ
. Heating power: 180 W
. Feng Mei width: 50 mm
. Feng Mei speed :10-15 beats / min
. Dimensions: 510 460 114 mm

Principle Features:
. Automatic machine hose closure is the end of heating technology and the principle of plastic hose in the heat sealing surface conditions, I will be on both sides of high pressure hose fusion together, avoid certain foreign bodies and stained by sealing wall collapses due to the shortcomings of , and sealed beautiful, beautiful.
. Feng Mei machine can be divided into: the end of ultrasonic machine closures, hose-end closure, the end of automatic filling machine closure

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