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Ultrasonic Hose-end Closure Starting At: $
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Ultrasonic Hose-end Closure QDFM-125(Original:QJ-125)

Main Purpose:
. Ultrasonic machine hose end closures for toothpaste, cosmetics, medicines, food, industrial supplies, such as various types of hose end closure.

Technical Parameters:
. Output power: 1200 W
. Frequency: 20 KHz
. Seal diameter: F5-F80 mm
. Vessels highly :50-200 mm
. Time adjustment: Electronic Control
. Work standard: interval control
. Power: single-phase AC 220V ?10% 50Hz
. Dimensions: 650 ?420 ?550mm
. Weight: 64 kg

Principle Features:
. The ultrasound machine hose closure by the end of Taiwan movement lines, the principle of using ultrasonic hose, to the rear of the compound sealed.
. Work good stability, high efficiency, dynamic components are used well-known brands.

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